How to send invoice reminders in 21st century

by Pavol Gurbal on January 26, 2021 No comments

Did you know, that in Slovakia, there is just 19% of companies, who are sending reminders about overdue invoices to their business partners?

According the EOS survey with European Payment Practices 2019, the level of digitalization of processes is steadily climbing, however even such simple task as a remind your customer, that there are some overdue invoices, is done only in 19% of companies in our country.

This made me wondering: how hard can it be? We have all the data, so where’s the catch? We are SW developers, after all – why just 19%?

It took us one weekend (and few evenings to polish things) and our own solution was deployed into production – with not only the email notification, but also with integration into MS Teams, where you can ask a bot to produce a report containing overdue invoices whenever you want. 

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Pavol GurbalHow to send invoice reminders in 21st century