How to lead people

by Pavol Gurbal on November 10, 2019 No comments

Few notes, which I got from the trainings I had in one of my former jobs. It was about the way on how to lead people.

Generic principle is displayed in following table:

WantsDoesn’t want
Doesn’t knowCommandConvince

The table is describing situations, in which we often find ourselves, where we need to deal with certain person (or group of people). This person either knows/doesn’t know to do this thing, or wants/doesn’t want to do it. Based on this knows/wants status, different strategy shall be used in order to work this person.


Simplest case – your partner (colleague, employee, friend …) – wants to do this thing and has all the skills necessary.

In this case it is simplest to just delegate the entire effort on this person.

Everything else is just unnecessary waste of effort.

Knows/Doesn’t want

In this case the person is able to fulfill this particular task, but for some reason is not willing to do it. Either he is not satisfied with the result, or with the thing itself, or whatever else.

The smartest thing to do in this case is to involve this person to it.

Ask for his/hers opinion and seriously listen what they are saying, or ask him to do just small portion of the entire thing – when he will see the results, or during the work he will see, that his doubts are gone, he might end up in the Knows/Wants category

Doesn’t know/Wants

This time the person is willing to do the job, he is just lacking necessary information or skills.

You will help him, when you will command him.

By commanding I mean giving him more precise instructions on how to proceed, how to do this thing. Depending on the person’s skills, those command might be pretty detailed – but as the time will pass and the person will get the necessary skills, also the commands won’t need to be that detailed.

Doesn’t know/Doesn’t want

Hardest case, but also not uncommon. In this case it leaves you with single option – you need to convince this person/people.

Either by involving them in part of this endeavor, with which they do agree, or by providing more details, more data (when it is quantifiable, hard numbers and some analysis do help in such cases).

Some incentives are necessary in this case – either by satisfaction of seeing some results, or by realization, that this thing needs to be done, because something external is convincing enough, so they see it.

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Pavol GurbalHow to lead people

Live projects @ TUKE

by Lenka Egrtova on November 6, 2019 No comments

Technical University of Košice came up again with initiative to show their students how does it feel to be the part of real IT world, enabling both enthusiastic students and companies to receive the benefits of cooperation. And we couldn’t miss that opportunity!

Theory vs. practice

Imagine how cool it is to learn how to write a simple program from scratch in any programming language. So after a while you are standing on the finish line, you are watching your program screaming out Hello world!, maybe it can even interact with users. Piece of cake, you say.

Sure it is. Now add to the equation processes, real customers with their specific needs, product owners, project managers, team mates, amazing mixture of programming languages and frameworks you are supposed to use to cook the cake.

It is always a good idea for students to start swimming in real deep waters of IT world as soon as possible. And how can it be a benefit for our company? Well the true is the fresh air helps us to avoid a tendency to stuck within known technologies. We put on a table amazing projects that will not end up forgotten in a drawer along with sharing our practical know-how. We receive new tech experience and a lot of fun. It sounds like win-win 🙂

That’s it. End of theory block, let’s proceed with practice.

This year we come up with several projects, from ‘winners’ we can mention web portal based on latest .NET Core framework or Visual Studio extension for tracking developers activities. We are so happy to welcome two amazing teams, at that one of them outnumbered by enthusiastic girls. Girls in IT – how amazing is that! But that is a topic for another post 🙂

At this moment we are only a few steps, exactly 4 weeks, beyond start line and a lot of work to do. But we can already feel an unstoppable flow of creative ideas from young passionate minds. Can’t wait to see the results at the end of semester!

Stay tuned and have a nice day 🙂

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Lenka EgrtovaLive projects @ TUKE